Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fretfully Fallen Behind

It's sad, but true- I have fallen fretfully behind! Day after day it seems the light runs out before the long list of things clawing at my attention. Sitting in the middle of the living room floor, my mind wandered to the possibilities of why: my age? empty nest? outside job? weather? There may be an answer there, but the truth is- life is life, I am human, and today I am just behind-- but, there is hope.

The two year research project has found its end; data collection is finally complete. While that chapter of my life has closed, there is a small possibility the job itself will continue. Work is still scheduled and, for now, there is funding for me to complete it a bit longer.

Another school year is behind us: my youngest is officially a college student (thought he has been for a year)- his high school graduation complete. My role in school nutrition and garden education is closed for this school year- several successful gardens, cooking/nutrition lessons are complete. My journey as a home school mom is complete and my year as "Professor Go" has closed. Fortunately, I have a small break until the summer sessions begin.

With these things out of the way, it is sad to say I am working toward getting my  balance back in several areas of life:

- weaning baby goats
   If you have ever done it, you feel my pain. Bottle fed babies become psychotic little demons when you start the weaning process.

- stocking the freezer
   After the poultry apocalypse, we did finally manage to raise 1/4 of the number of meat birds we generally put up in a year. Never the less, it is time to butcher those babies and fill the freezer. We also have a heifer hanging to complete the deal.

- canning
   This creeps up on you! Since my property is a swamp right now (yes I am in the Texas flood mess) I am striving to harvest any and all veggies that managed to survive and produce. These plants will succumb to their fate soon, so daily sloshing through the rows is necessary.

- cleaning
   Time to detox my house again! Clothes, dishes, stuff of madness must go. Ignoring the problem put me long overdue (and I hate tossing things out).

- quilting
   You can only imagine the struggle to sit at a frame! Several quilts are waiting patiently- giving me a sense of guilt every time I walk past them.

- myself
   Now that the 'mama phase' has slowed to 'mother of young adults' it is time to find myself; to determine the pace that fits an empty house and solitude. Despite the fact I am married, my husband and I work different hours- our time is rather limited to Sunday. This pushes me to find me and the pace, path, and priorities that fit this season.

Today- I am breathing deep the fleeting moments of sunshine, watching the water still flowing across my land, and embracing the mess that is me. It is time to get back on track and put away being behind.