Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Needs TV When.....

Who needs a TV when you have chickens? These beauties are more entertaining than any program. Such personality- such character - such silliness - oh my. In the afternoons, as my chores allow me, I try to spend some time just enjoying my chickens. The peace of God's nature around me, the breeze we have been blessed with lately (not typical of our climate), and the sounds of clucks and peeps and cackles to bring me a calm and humor in the midst of my day. Each of our chickens has their own personallity, likes and dislikes, cooky behaviors and of course their girlfriends and their nemesis. To see their antics is just way better (and more wholesome) than that crazy ol' TV. I pray you will have a blessed Sunday worship. Until next week . . .

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Artist

Our family has an artist among us. Today I thought I might show a sample of her work. This girl has been drawing since I can't remember when. As a student in private school, she got into a lot of trouble for drawing when she should have been working. Once we homeschooled, this was not a problem because she had ample time to devote to her passion for art.
This particular piece depicts her deepest passions. Art, horses, and special needs children. She has been a volunteer for an equine assisted therapy group for two years now - and she deeply loves every one of her clients --- and her horses. Through this volunteer work, I have seen her grow-mature-and develop character never seen before. God has surely placed these deep loves in her and must have a great purpose for them.
For now, she studies, sketches, paints and volunteers. You can find her artwork for sale at She ranges from nature to fantasy to people. Please visit her sight and enjoy --- you might even want to buy one!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheese Making


Today we made a Rosemary-Garlic Cheese, and a sweet berry cheese, using our very own goat's milk! Both recipes should be great for cracker/chip dippin' as well as bread spreads. We had fun heating the milk, watching it seperate and curdle, and pickin' the flavors. It's always a good thing to listen to music while you work, helps keep your smile on. ;-) Tasting it was, of course, the best part, and I think my favorite was...
Well, the little Goatmama couldn't decide her favorite. We made a rosemary herb cheese and a sweet strawberry - reminissent of strawberry cream cheese spread. To me, They were both delicious. But, ya'll, making it is the fun!! What a delight to spend hours in your kitchen, surrounded by your teens, laughing and cooking and tasting. We have to soak up these moments because one day they will have lives of their own that will take them far from here. For now, loving the together time and making cheese!

Goatmama and Simplychele

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Back on Track

I must say, being out of commission for any length of time is just miserable. Personally, I have been out of commission for 7 full days - down in bed with a bug. This one was a long one such as our family hasn't had in many years. Now that my head is off the pillow and my feet more securely on the ground, I am attempting to put my home, schedule, laundry and such back to my routine. This is no easy task - as all of us well know. It seems in my absense, my kids became real teens, my chickens grew a foot, and my brain lost memory.
In all this, applause are in order for my dear husband and kids. They worked very hard to keep the chores done, schoolwork on task, and me stocked with ice chips and blankets. These are the times when you realize that all the hard work you have done so far to teach and train your kids - the good and the bad - the drudge work and the dull - the little things and the big - are worth it. Here we are encouraged to continue in this job of raising young adults. When I awoke, fever free and concious, laundry had been done, house kept, and a chicken was in the crockpot. Yeah! Thanks wonderful family of mine!!!
Now, back to work for me. It is time to redefine whose chores are whose and how we got all this done before the bug hit our house!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Well, this is for my nephew. He said we needed pictures of our dogs. We have two, however, this is his particular favorite - Hadassah. She is a one year old chocolate lab - full of fun and kisses. As you can see, she loves to go for a ride- especially if we are going to a park or trail. When she was new to us, we took her to the local YMCA for hikes on the nature trail. Hadassah has become a dear treasure to our family.
One day this past summer, my nephew ( the dog lover) came to stay with us for a day. He was walking with me through the sunflower patch - we were watching butterflies rise out of the wildflowers- and as we walked he said, "Hadassah loves me." I asked him how he knew that. His answer was to jump up and down with his tongue out and say, "She is blowing me Hadassah kisses." Such a treasured memory!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's WIP

Today's Friday, and here's one of our WIPs, Works-in-Progress. Ma and I've been taking ordinary tote bags, of varying colors, and spiffy-ing them up! We've used felt, material, and planning on some embroidery. In the above pictures, is our first bag we're decorating with material in a flower pattern. The very first bags we decorated was for our cousins at Christmas, cutting out sweet birds and mushrooms out of felt and sewing/glueing/embroidering them to the bags-they were a huge hit!

~Goat Mama

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unspeakable Joy

Doesn't this kitty look like he has some unspeakable joy hidden in his eyes, like he knows some great secret that no one else can know?Have you ever heard the song "Joy to the World, Unspeakable Joy" by Chris Tomlin? I love that song! Every time Isee this picture, I have a sense of unspeakablejoy, that only God can give me. Each day, whether it's my goat babies or some cuddly kitten, or even the sun peaking through a huge cloud, He gives me a sense of unspeakable joy, that makes my heart sing. Do you have something like that in your life? Do you have something that gives you unspeakable joy?
~Goat Mama

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednessday Wondering

Today as I was wondering through my garden, I came upon a creepy crawly critter-a good friend in my garden. I let this critter crawl up my arm. He now lives in my green house eating bad bugs and crawls up 'n down my pretty flowers and tomatoes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last night, as we sat together and watched TV, I had an idea: why not try making butter? So, we gathered some butterfat out of each jar filled with goat milk and put it in a canning jar, along with some heavy cow's cream and a few marbles. After screwing the lid on tight, we took turns shaking the jar, anxious to actually see butter. Twenty minutes or so goes by, and when we dare to open the lid and peek, we saw something amazing-we had ACTUALLY MADE BUTTER!! We rinsed it in the sink, and sprinkled salt in it for a natural preservative, and put it in a butter crock. There you have it! The Lil' Nips Herd from Simply Scaife Family Farm made it's first batch of butter!!

~Goat Mama

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Today as I meandered around my little farm, I found someone playful and sweet. Out under the big blue sky was a loving kitty ready to curl up in my arms and pur to both our delights. What did you find meandering around your home today?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goat Mama

Hey y'all!I'm J.Scaife, aka "Goat Mama". I have a small herd of dairy goats, two adults and two babies. In each set, there's a male and female, and their names are Genisis, Leviticus, Willow and Pineknot. Willow and Piney are my adults, Geni and Levi are my babies. :) It was so cool the other day when I was calling to my babies, they started to bleat franctically and starting running towards me at lightning speed, almost running me down and jumping all over me! They're so cute, and as of right now, only come up to me knees! Being a Goat Mama can be fun, but sometimes hard, like when it comes to shots and hoof care, but I love my goats nonetheless, and they love me too!
~Goat Mama

Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to our farm!

Welcome to our little spot on the web. Our family has been considering the idea of posting a blog for some time now. Today we take the leap into a new beginning! Let me introduce our family. We are a evalgelical christian, homeschooling family of five living in the Pineywoods of Southeast Texas on a small farm. Each member of our family shares in daily chores, education, apprentiships and artistry. The farm consists of a garden and large greenhouse, a barn filled with goats, chickens and rabbits, and our two story house. We are assisted by several barn cats and our two dogs. I am a mom, crafter, quilter, gardener and vet-assist for this homestead. My husband is a bi-vocational pastor and welder as well as the fence mender and all round handy man. The oldest teen is an apprentice volunteer for a local equine assisted therapy group and the resident artist. The middle teen is an avid gardener and goat-herd gal. The younger of our teens is a leather crafter, hunter, and wood carver. We are proud 4-H members and county fair attenders. Each of us are excited to start this journey - for who knows where it will take us!

Friday, January 1, 2010

                     Happy New Year!!
                     from Scaife Family Farm