Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to our farm!

Welcome to our little spot on the web. Our family has been considering the idea of posting a blog for some time now. Today we take the leap into a new beginning! Let me introduce our family. We are a evalgelical christian, homeschooling family of five living in the Pineywoods of Southeast Texas on a small farm. Each member of our family shares in daily chores, education, apprentiships and artistry. The farm consists of a garden and large greenhouse, a barn filled with goats, chickens and rabbits, and our two story house. We are assisted by several barn cats and our two dogs. I am a mom, crafter, quilter, gardener and vet-assist for this homestead. My husband is a bi-vocational pastor and welder as well as the fence mender and all round handy man. The oldest teen is an apprentice volunteer for a local equine assisted therapy group and the resident artist. The middle teen is an avid gardener and goat-herd gal. The younger of our teens is a leather crafter, hunter, and wood carver. We are proud 4-H members and county fair attenders. Each of us are excited to start this journey - for who knows where it will take us!

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