Monday, March 15, 2010

A little spring break....

Today our family took a little spring break and headed up to the state park. Farmdaddy lead us in trail hiking (making sure each of us can use the compass and trail maps correctly!). The birds were singing in the trees, the breeze was rustling leaves, and the trail was crunchy under our feet.
Farmboy guided us through some fishing being sure we are aware of the different uses of baits and casts! Sun glistened off the water, ducks flew overhead, and not once did we tangle our lines. Though no fish were caught, we enjoyed the pleasure of the activity. There is just something about fishing.
The oldest farmgirl guided our canoe as we paddled around the lake. Gentle breezes kissed our faces as the boat swayed along. Pictures were taken and sent to friends (wishing they could have been there). Tired rowing arms took us back to the dock as we realized how much fun this truly was! The beauty of the water is indescribable.
The little goatmama lead us in a volleyball game. Oh, how we laughed, jumped, ran, and slid. Winning or losing was not the point; we were having so much fun. You just can't play this game without skinning something...such as knees and elbows.
The farmmama planned a simple picnic with bread and jam, veggies and fruit with granola and beef jerky for snacks. We sat together in the sun to play some games and just chat.
All was quiet on the ride home.. we are contented and happy..and gently kissed by the sun!

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