Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Time to adjust...

Many changes are occurring in our family's life that affects our daily routine. It is time to refocus our priorities..our schedule...our rhythm here at home. The children are now youth; their endeavors are taking them in new directions- they are stretching their wings... it is a good thing (I know this)..yet is is an adjustment.
These seasons occur off and on in a family. Many different situations may cause the need for refocusing and adjusting; illness, relocation, new job, a natural disaster, family strife...we have seen our share of each of these things. For now, our adjustment is simply caused by growing, changing, challenging, determining our priorities and our direction for the future. We must be aware of the changes and not allow them to splinter our family relationships - this can happen quickly! As each family member seeks direction individually, they must seek to have consideration for how this will effect the rest of the family. Balance is necessary.
As we adjust, our focus is not only on how these changes affect our life right now, but how these changes effect our future - what direction we are heading in. In this comes much prayer! Personally, I don't care for change - I don't like being apart - I love being at home, with my family, in my garden and barn. God had other plans - better plans; will I accept this - yes.. but it takes time. So, for now, we pray, seek, adjust, look up.. the goal is balance.
The beauty of spring is all around us reminding us that change is inevitable. The seasons change in nature just as they do in our lives. Today, I look to God, pray, ask for wisdom and peace in the changes that are being made. We pray for discernment in making our schedules work, in getting the work done, in preserving time together, in maintaining balance. God will answer and His way is perfect. It will be a blessing - I must embrace it; I will - in time. May you seek God's blessing in the changes happening in your lives as well.

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