Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Beautiful Blossom

Today we are doing some cleaning...some repairing..some baking. The fair has passed, the projects and paperwork are tucked away..time to move on. Already we begin to look over patterns, recipes and projects for the next year...but for today, some cleanup and put up need to occur! But, stop and enjoy the roses with me....
This lovely yellow rose bloomed in the front rose garden..noticed by me..late yesterday as I cut some kale for dinner. Deep yellow petals, lightly edged in pink...rare beauty designed by God's loving hands. Several more buds are on the bush...and I noticed the other rose bushes -nearby this one- are budding as well.
The antique red ramblers near my barn are blooming deep and dark this year...and our antique pink-tea rose ramblers are dainty and precious along the well house.
A little white rose has bloomed in the bed near our gardenia bush...this is where simplynic parks her truck...she spotted this delicate beauty coming home the other day.
Sadly, our large pick rose bush had buds and was thriving nicely but seems to have turned brown and died. We have had this one for several years..enjoyed its blooms and cared for it, but it is now gone.
The rose of sharons are leafing well and soon should sport some buds of their own- they seem to like it hotter.
Well now, the to-do list calls...time to leave the beauty of the garden for the work of our hands. Schedules are hectic and the to-do lists are long in all our lives, but remember to stop..enjoy the beauty around you..gaze at the roses, for when you least expect, God may open the perfect blossom--just for you!

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