Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Under the Kitchen Sink?

This past several days, as classwork is completed, we have been trying to focus our afternoons on yard and garden work. We have three different garden plots here on the farm: the greenhouse garden plot with raised beds, the front yard garden - kitchen garden style, and the pasture garden which is large rows of crops that need plenty of space. We were each working in different areas the other day when one of the girls decided to head to the house for a cool drink.

From my place in the pasture garden, I am the farthest from the house..my view of the back door is obstructed by my vehicle. When I heard a ruckus from the house, I really thought nothing of it ---they're teens, they make a ruckus, however, when I noticed the other teens running from their work places.....radar went up...something was definitely not right!

Dropping my hoe, moving quickly, I just had to pray, "Lord, whatever it is, help...I'm tired, I'm not in the mood for a catastrophe, please..." Know what I mean? You've been there..right? Coming upon the door, all the kids were in the doorway...formulating a plan...one in a state of panic..it seems she had almost stepped on a copperhead that was slithering on the kitchen floor. When he noticed her, the copperhead went under the kitchen sink..there was an area in the baseboard that had crumbled away..he was there hiding.

Now, I am deathly afraid of any snake...venomous ones nearly paralyze me with fear. This is not funny.....what do you do? Called the husband who, bless his heart, is at work and said to simply barricade him in under the sink (what? are you kidding?). Called the local law enforcement who, goodness me, advised me to shoot it with a 22...really? In the house? Under the sink? They transferred me to sheriff and then animal control ..both of which were very sorry, but they do not deal with snakes.

In the end....it was our farmboy who handled the situation with caution and determination. He used a pellet gun to fatally wound the snake...barricade it in (because it would not die instantly..thus still able to bite)...and after farmpapa arrived home, safely removed dead snake from under sink. Praise God for boys!

Dare I say, much prayer when up during this ordeal...I was terrified! I also feared for the kid - who often seems fearless. The girls were awesome helps in this ordeal...each standing a post, with hoe in hand, in case the farmboy needed assistance. God was watching over us..no one bit, no one injured, and the kitchen sink is still intact. By the way, farmboy repaired the baseboard as well.

Please bare in mind, our weather is warming up - which means snakes are coming out of hibernation and searching for food. While this is a natural part of life, especially in the country, it is important to use safety and caution. This is not the first snake in our house incident - probably won't be the last. Just last night, one of the farmgirls ran over a snake while mowing garden paths.

Take a few moments and become familiar with the habitat and environment where these creatures may frequent...and be familiar with the venomous and nonvenomous snakes, and what to do if you are bit by one of them. Above all, pray...God made these creatures..they have a place in our ecosystem (however, I am not a snake advocate - when I encounter one, I do kill them, they eat my hens, eggs, and pose danger to my kids). The Lord was definitely keeping us safe on this day..thanks be to Him.


Sorry, no picture...you didn't really expect one, did you?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have been scary. We saw a copperhead on the road the other day.