Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gentle Visitor....

Storms have been rolling through our area today. In between the bouts of rain we quickly went to check the garden beds for vegetables needing to be picked- and used for tonight's supper- when our farmboy had a gentle visitor light on his hand.
Our identification research shows this to be a battus philenor "magnificent swallowtail". These beautiful butterflies are common to our area between February and November and are attracted to the garden blossoms and thistle found in our pasture area. The local extension office has posters indicating the swallowtails need more habitat and are somewhat endangered. After this unique encounter, we placed our visitor in the nasturtium beds near our beans.
We have had a tough week..the farmboy has been needing a pick me up. What a wonderful way for God to send a gentle touch of Himself...a piece of His a boy who's interest lies in nature and send a gentle visitor to encourage him along his way.
Have a blessed Sunday!
simplychele and the farmboy


Andrea said...

Wow, I want to know how he got to land on his hand. I love butterflies! One Fall not too long ago, we had a Monarch invasion. They were everywhere up here and devoured the nectar from our wild morning glories. I got a tad bit camera crazy. haha! We saw it as nothing less than a blessing from God. I have seen two swallowtail butterflies this week. I am surprised to hear you mention their rarity. I found the following online:

"Before it becomes a butterfly, a caterpillar goes through a growth stage during which it is called a "chrysalis." On the surface it may not look like much is happening, but the delicate chrysalis process changes the fuzzy caterpillar into an awesome butterfly with wings of intricate designs and intense colors. The chrysalis process symbolizes how Christ can transform you into something beyond your dreams. It happens when you grow beyond yourself, opening your life to Jesus' power and love"


Simply Scaife Family said...

That is beautiful. I intend to show Donny and see if he could use this with the children at our church. Wonderful for this time of year.
The rarity in our area is caused by decreasing habitat. It is not yet a problem, however, they are encouraging habitats to be grown.
As for how he got it to land on his hand...he was simply picking green beans..there are blooming nasturtiums in the rows..and he says it just landed on his hand. The boy has a way with things! Again..thank you for the beautiful object lesson you sent..we plan to use it soon.