Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Project...

As promised, an update on a project...I say "a project" because personally, I never have only one on the table.
"Spring Hearts" is the title we have given this simple quilt...crib size when completed. The hearts are pieces of my kids' Easter dresses and vests from several - several - years ago. Each heart is hand appliqued onto a square cut from of farmdaddy's grandmother's cotton sheets. The backing (not shown here) is a piece of fabric left over from a skirt made for me years ago.
Today the quilt is pin-basted and awaiting quilting. The plan is to quilt in the diagonal ditch and then quilt a heart motif in the blank squares.
Often the quilts are a cooperative project amongst us all, however, this one is all my handwork. done by hand...each stitch a prayer for another soul in need. My handwork time is a time for communing with God in prayer for others whom He lays on my heart at the time. This quilt is part of life and being. It is precious to me because it holds some of our history and memories. "Spring Hearts" already has a home in mind..soon to leave hopefully be precious to another family...loved by another heart.
My projects leave my home with some degree of sadness, yes, however, others are on the table waiting the moment when my hands seek them eyes roam the heart seeks the complete picture..a direction to go next. More prayers will be sent up..gentle hymns will be Lord and I will meet...over the beautiful pieces of another quilt.

I look forward to sharing another with you soon.

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