Friday, May 28, 2010

Simply Cute!

Here is a cute little's called the Tokyo Tie Bag.

This one has a native Navajo motif on the outer fabric with a denim lining.

This bag has denim outer fabric with a cowboy print inner lining.

We made several with a coffee motif and one with a retro red motif, the fabric options seem to be limitless...the pattern lends well to nearly any small design. These little cuties are small and lightweight; perfect for a quick trip to town when you only need to carry a few items, such as meeting a friend for a coffee date. Our girls have used them to carry small Bibles and notepads to service or a wallet and sunglasses for a quick shopping trip.

Two of these little totes are ready for our Etsy listings next be watching for our Grand Opening! Until then, we're off to see a birthday boy, dance in a dance class, and attend a graduation ceremony. See you tomorrow..

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