Monday, June 14, 2010

Back Home

Simplyjen and I were away for part of last week...gone to College Station for State Roundup. She participated in the Food and Nutrition show there. Cooking her chosen recipe before judges, giving a speech she had written about her project, and enduring an interview..she placed fifth in state...oooh, I'm so proud of her. We did things we have never done before and survived. New experiences are tucked away to draw from in the future.
While we were away, the rest of the family had to keep the house and little farm in order. Farmboy did a wonderful job milking pour Willow- who desperately missed her goatmama. Simplynrae kept our chickens in order- no small task for anyone (I have lost count of how many hens we have now). They shared the burden of garden, rabbits, dogs, cats, dishes--all while keeping their classwork and other commitments in line. They had some adults around... farmdaddy was home between shifts; a grandmother made sure they were fed and where they were suppose to be; and a great-grandpa was not far away in case anything came up. They did an awesome job holding down the fort!

It seems as if the farm missed us while we were away. Driving up the path we spotted beautiful sunflowers all in a row, facing the gate as if they were waiting for our return.

The new hibiscus was full of tender buds and displaying one beautiful bloom from the front gardens. The soft, pink blossom is delicate and priceless. Facing the area where we park, it greeted us so sweetly.

This unique bloom was on display in the corn patch. I know we set zinnia seeds there, yet this is not a zinnia. Still, so pretty it is to gaze upon.
I must share; while picking the red runner beans in the corn patch (after returning home) I was awed by the most amazing sight. Stopping to look up (the corn is taller than I am) I noticed several beautiful swallowtail butterflies fluttering over my head. Just watching there, they danced and swirled all around from blossom to blossom and up in the air. So special, such a precious moment (and me without a camera).

So it is, we are home. With it..chores, gardens, laundry all need our attention. Trying to return to your routine can be quite daunting, yet, a stroll around the farm has lifted our spirits and renewed the purpose in us. This is home; it is where we have built a life we love. Yes, it is hot and the mosquitoes are staging a take over...yes, there is more work than we can do in a day....yes, we fell behind while we were away. Nonetheless, it was good to be away..and it was good to return.

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