Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Cup Full

Today my cup is full, in more ways than one.
Full of fresh milk processed into yogurt and incubating in the dehydrator.
Full of fresh tomatoes processed into salsa and sauce and canned up for later.
Full of cucumbers all sliced and made into garlic pepper pickles all canned and stored away.
Full of corn, shucked and prepared to freeze.
Full of berries fresh picked and made into delicious jam, canned and stored away.
Full of chores that never end, weeds that never stop growing, bugs that multiply faster than a mind can fathom.
Full of family, each with a different summer schedule yet making time together each day.
Full of love, because I am loved.
Full of pretty flowers planted and grown here on our farm, picked and arranged with love, set on our table after the cleanup was done.
Full of the blessings of our Lord; countless, matchless, often overlooked.
Yes, my cup of full!
Enjoy your cupfull! simplychele

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