Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How the Garden Grows


Goodness, the garden is growing! Pretty zinnias are mixed with sunflowers out in the far pasture. Red runner beans are creeping up the cornstalks and cantelopes are crawling beneath them. Nastursiums bloom in the green bean bushes and under the tomatoe vines. Cucumbers are climing their trelis and giving fruit daily. Kale is still thriving among the remaining onion beds and the blackberries are still giving plump juicy fruit. We have lemons and limes on the trees with fragrant herbs all around. Yes, the garden is growing.
Today, we are placing some listings in our Etsy shop and setting an email to go with it. Please drop by and browse our "shelves" and pass us along to others. We are all so excited to be taking this step; branching out a bit.
In addition to our daily classes, we have cheese to make, weeds to pull, waterbuckets to fill and floors to sweep...better get to it! Have a blessed day..we are hoping for rain to come our way and refresh the soil..enjoy your weather whatever it may be.


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