Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simply Vintage

  Simply vintage little doilies now grace our Etsy shop. Pretty and delicate, they stir within the memories of Grandma's house. My grandmothers and great-grandmother's had doilies of various shapes and sizes placed here and there in their old-fashioned homes. Under a pretty vase, on the dresser near her hand mirror, or on the arm of her favorite chair, doilies were part of her handwork and part of her home.

Here we have a pretty cream doily with a heart motif. Handmade by our very own simplyjen..a blossoming thread artist if there ever was one.
Soft yellow shows the four little hearts dancing around the center. They measure appoximately five by six inches- small and quite cute. Either one of these vintage style treasures would be beautiful beneath your favorite candle or displayed on your wall in a frame.
Each doily was made with number ten cotton thread and a number eight filet crochet hook. The doilies were sized using a light startch spray to hold their shape and give them some body. Simplyjen has decided to accept custom orders for specific filet works in various colors or motifs; she has several pattefn plans to choose from and may be able to draft a specific pattern for your request. Her delicate little doilies are listed at http://www.etsy.com/listing/50397544/heart-filet-doily.
We invite you to stop by and give our little shop a visit- if you would like to see something that is not currently available, just give us a note at simplyscaife@yahoo.com- we accept custom orders on a preview basis.

simplychele and simplyjen

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