Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Farm Focus

farm dad and the tractor

   It's that time again; time to focus on our farm happenings. Cooler, dryer air came our way today causing our minds to us renewed energy..guiding our hearts toward the next season on our little farm; fall.
   When the seasons change so does our pattern of living, our focus. Today we spent some time planning the layout for our garden, our grazing pastures and our meat pens. This is not a major overhaul, just a redirection of existing patterns. Time to shift our focus off surviving the extreme heat of summer and instead focus on fall work before the winter.
   One plan is the garden.We layed out the plan for our many garden areas, including our greenhouse beds. Soon the land will once again thrive with yummy growing things for our family and our barn animals. Peas, beans, carrots and Cole crops... seed packets were strewn about..sorted and grouped according to season and bed. Soil was tilled and amended then raked free of clumps and sticks. The herb beds will expand in front of our home to include roses, hibiscus and wildflowers..providing beauty and practicality- cottage style.
   Second, our grazing areas need some repair and redirect. Another area of our property will serve as a supplemental pasture with a shelter. We also intend to build outer runs for the hens and goats that will allow them to graze in the wooded areas along our fence line (this is a maybe dependent upon supplies). Either way, additional grazing areas are always handy.
   Third, meat pens need some work. We intend to raise broilers again (as we did last year), however, we are also including turkeys to the pen. The pen layout needs expansion and division to aid in sanitation and safety. After much discussion, plans were drawn up. Our pens need to allow for brooder space and growth, hanging feeders and water, ventilation and separation...and fit a budget.
   Lastly, we have always wanted a front porch. The kids and I drew up a possible plan for an awning style porch with stone paths. This would be a luxury and is the least important item in our plans. Yet, a porch would help cool our home by shading the front windows from the intense afternoon sun. We'll see about the porch.
   This is our list of amendments and alterations..some will get done..some we will ponder for another time.  Things that pull at our attention and work must be done, work schedules must be considered and finances are to be considered. But if we plan carefully, pool our resources and work together it's amazing what can be accomplished.
   So now it's time to put on our garden hats, slide on our work boots and enjoy the gentle breeze, the blue sky and the break in humidity with a fall farm focus. Thank you, Lord!


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