Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mission Trip Team Effort 2010

   Our group did not end up with the assignment we were originally given; God had a different plan. The assignment was changed from a recently widowed woman to a man unable to work due to back injuries. He lived down the mountain with his family. They needed help building a coop for chickens, building garden beds with soil from their cave, and digging irrigation ditches to run water from a natural spring on their property.
   The work was hard and the sun was hot. Yet, God revealed what we were made of. Through much prayer, sweat and tears we completed every task we were sent to do....a trench was dug, a coop was built, garden beds were amended (I faced and worked in a cave).
   Mission trips are not only about work, they are also about relationships; both with each other and with God. Each of us had to face frustrations and limitations within our relationships. Being home now, I will reflect back on this long week; I will learn from this experience.For now, work awaits me. I must leave the mission work behind and plod forward to the missions ahead.


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