Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing Peppy

   Well, it happened. There's a new baby in the house: "Peppy". Simplynrae purchased him and is preparing him for use in equine assisted therapy and future youth riding lessons. Energetic, ornery, eager for affection, starving for attention and not overly enthusiastic about education; Peppy.
   A double registered American Quarter Horse and National Foundation Quarter Horse, OXBO JUSTAPOCO PEPPY is three years old, chestnut colored and getting into mischief. He loves to play catch with orange cones and if you run in the pasture he will chase after you. What's not to love?

moving Peppy
working Peppy
tacking Peppy
preparing to mount Peppy
   Our first real afternoon working with him shows good attention and cooperation. He takes the saddle well, gives you "two eyes", and can be mounted. The only snag we had was after you mounted, he wasn't moving. Yes, this is a problem, but for his age we feel he is doing very well. After a nice rub down, Peppy went in for the night. You can bet we will be seeing alot more of little Peppy. As he grows we hope he will be a precious memeber of the family for years to come..see ya later little guy!

simplychele and simplynrae

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