Saturday, October 2, 2010

Focus on Fall...Activies to Usher in a Season

Willow and Levi
   Willow and Levi want to know if you noticed the beautiful weather this past week? They sure did. With cooler temperatures and lower humidity the farm is all abuzz with new activity. All around us, nature is adjusting and celebrating a change of season.
   The garden is bursting with new plant life..cooler weather crops eager to produce in this beautiful weather. Our goats are frisking about, surging with renewed energy after such a hot summer. Peppy (the baby horse) is curious and ornery with vibrant enthusiasm..each day wondering what we will do next. Cats and dogs run and play...tumbling with merriment in the cool of the day. Brooder houses are being cleaned and maintained for the coming turkey poults set to arrive next week. Everywhere, change is occurring in response to the change of seasons.
   Even our home, our family, our routine, shifts with the coming of fall. It is time to treat our home for the surge of spiders seeking to set up residence inside. Time to fall clean with declutter and those cabinets and check those drawers. Our pantry is inventoried as well as our freezer..we must ensure good rotation and restock where necessary. Water storage is refreshed or replenished and bedding is aired out good.
   In the hustle and bustle of it all there are different activities we as a family do to commemorate the ushering in of a new season. This next week we would like to share some of those activities with you. Some we have outgrown, some we have grown into, some are timeless. All are precious and personal events that shape our being and bond our family together.
   We hope you will join us with anticipation and curious enthusiasm as we look into activities to usher in the fall season. Can't you feel the excitement in the air?


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