Monday, November 22, 2010


Ten things needing done in preparation for the holiday:

1. Clean. The barn, the yard, the house. Stalls were cleaned out Saturday (check that one off), and the yard is fairly decent (we are replacing fences right now). That leaves the house- better get on it.

2. Groceries. I only lack a few items- not bad.

3. Sleeping arrangements. Family is coming in- they have their own RV, so the key is whether to park it here or set them up at a park. I'm on it.

4. Re-arrange. I generally put my quilting and sewing tables in my husband's office if we are having company; better make it happen.

5. Bake. Pies, bread, turkey- starting in that order and sides are done while turkey bakes.

6. Harvest. There will be no time for the garden while visiting family is here.

7. Double check the plans. Things change quickly and often unexpectedly. Having the older of the children in my family, it is always good to check the status of the family members with younger kids- be sure plans haven't changed.

8. Relax with a cup of coffee. In other words, I will find time to sit in my favorite porch swing- watch my hens' crazy antics- and breathe in the beauty of the garden while meditating of God's promises (going to need them).

9. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. Three teens means extra hands! Share the load.

10. Enjoy. It's not about the food or the decor, it's about together.

Make a plan, work the plan- but don't overwhelm yourself. Rarely do we remember the decorations or the food; we always remember the people!

How are your preparations?



Rachel Willow'z Design said...

After reading about you, I feel a little better about what I have lying ahead haha. I have cleaning, shopping, and cooking. We have family coming in but I only have to make arrangements for 1 to stay the night, so not that big of a deal. My only down fall is I only have one teen so I unfortunately don't have a lot of help. My 7 year old bless him, tries to help, but it always winds up being a bigger mess.

simplychele said...

Good for you (short list!). Today I am making progress. Family with the RV is staying at the RV park close by, barn is clean, groceries purchased...on my way to stop and rest with coffee on my favorite bench.
Have a blessed holiday, Rachel!