Monday, November 29, 2010

Ten Things to "Crow" About

   The Thanksgiving holiday is now behind us. Here is what the Scaife Family was thankful for this past week:

1. Salvation through the Lord, Jesus Christ.

2. Freedom- though our current trend is becoming more hostile, we are still a free country!

3. Our military. God bless those serving at home and abroad and honor our veterans who have.

4. My husband- faithful and strong, a man after God's heart.

5. My children- saved and sure; each one unique and treasured.

6. This home- it may not be much to some, but it is our haven in a world full of unrest.

7. Employment- many still are not, however, my husband still is.

8. Dirty dishes- because we have so much, not only for ourselves, but to share with others.

9. Turkeys- fifteen in the freezer and another flock still growing!

10. Harvest- of food, family,  and friends; God bless all of you!


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Rachel Willow'z Design said...

I love that. you have an amazing outlook on things.