Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday...The Ponderings of the Accidental Pastor's Wife

        Teaching The Word of God

   I am a teacher and have been for many years, even before I married. While educating is important in all aspects, I firmly believe that teaching the Word of God is the most vital part of educating there is. This does not apply only to the Sunday School teacher or the pastor of your church, it applies to our homes - our families - every aspect of our lives.
   My husband and I have taught Biblical education (in the form of Sunday school, AWANA, youth ministry, music and missions, pastoring, and Bible studies) from infant to elderly. Every age and season of life has its joys and its difficulties- every age is vital and important to the body of Christ - every age needs taught the Word of God. I would like to share with you the top three vital keys to my teaching strategy.

1. Validity.
     If I don't believe God's Word, I shouldn't teach it. If I don't know it, I shouldn't teach it. Preparedness and planning produce validity and yield a good lesson.

2. Attentiveness.
    If I don't have their attention, I can't educate them. To have success in gaining attentiveness I must first know my audience: what are their ages, interests? can I identify with their joys, struggles? Find a connection. Younger students enjoy games, object lessons, interaction (I love my flannel graph) before settling into a lesson. Older students love to be "drawn in" to a lesson. Our elderly students love a little personal fellowship before a lesson.

3. Obedience.
    With out order there will be chaos- that is not conductive to learning. Younger children need to have creative and energetic release, but they also need to be able to settle down and participate in the learning. It always pays to have a plan when teaching young students; what will you do if there is a situation. Older students still need a sense of order and rhythm - a pattern to follow. Elderly are generally more comfortable with a familiar routine, making teaching smoother.

      Is this an exhaustive list? No, but with out these top teaching doesn't flow and is much less effective. So, as I ponder my Sunday school lesson for this week, I prepare with the keys to teaching God's Word.