Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When they were younger.....

the book we read from

   When they were younger, the Thanksgiving holidays were so different. I remember making paper turkeys and foam cornucopias; hand print tablecloths and woven place mats. We used pine cones to make bird feeders and planted bulbs for spring. Leaves were gathered and scattered here and there on tables and shelves, baskets were filled with nature-walk finds. We always had a Thanksgiving basket with paper leaf shapes where things were written to remind us of what we were thankful for.
   My husband loves history and is most interested in the origins of holidays. Every year, he gathers books and information to share with us (and our congregation) concerning Thanksgiving.
The chldrens' all time favorite is the true story of Squanto- how God prepared to save the lives of the Pilgrims through a simple Native American boy.
   The littles are now big; their days filled with big things. These days they share the crafts of their childhood with the children they babysit. Stories about the symbols and origins of Thanksgiving are shared as fond memories around the table. Our thankfulness baskets are spoken rather than written down. Yet, the most important thing has not changed- togetherness is still the key, just like it was when they were younger.


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