Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Just Never Know.....

...where your boots will take you.

   Sometimes the neatest things happen unexpectedly. Our plans to meet and purchase little Typhoon had been hit and miss for several weeks. Aggressive storms, illness, and everyday life kept thwarting our arrangements. When the meeting finally fell together, I admit to feeling rather hesitant. We didn't know the people we were meeting or the area we were traveling to.
   I am not a people person. (Insert knowing looks from people who know me). If I had my way, I'd shut the gate on the farm and spend my time with my family, my garden and my livestock; I don't do people. Social graces are not my strong point..leave me be. Yet, ...
   When it happens that I am forced into the outer world away from my farm, things get interesting..I can talk myself out of anything (especially a social anything). Let me tell you, I was working on talking myself out of this social encounter. I'm so glad I didn't. God is so much wiser than I, He showed us a better thing.
   This little trip introduced us to a wonderful family so much like our own. The had a love for their farm life, history and handcraft, antiques and their significance, and - family. Fellow homeschoolers and dairy goat herders - spinners and weavers - such a neat encounter! Our conversation and interaction could have gone on for hours. What a blessing to meet such a precious family living a life style so much like our own.
   Sad to say we live a great distance from each other, yet, contact information was shared..blog links and such. It seems this will grow..it will continue. I'm so glad I ventured out..beyond the gate, because, you just never know where your boots will lead you.


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