Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Afternoon Walks with Hadassah.....

In fond remembrance of the original Dr. Seuss, Hadassah and I present:

Oh, the Sniffs You Can Sniff

Oh, the sniffs you can sniff if you only try,
sniffs way down low, sniffs way up high.
There are sniffs on the ground
and sniffs in the air;
sniffs for your sniffer are found everywhere!

Hurry, my family, when you walk with me,
there are so many sniffs all around, you'll see.
I found a sniff in the grass
and a sniff on the street;
a sniff on the knee of the people we meet.

So, come along come along
come along with me.
Oh, I found a new sniff
at the base of this tree!
And one on the tire
and one near the fire;
and one is right there-
look! I am no liar.

Oh, the sniffs you can sniff
if you only knew
all of the things
that my sniffer can do!

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