Monday, December 6, 2010

Manic Monday

Typhoon hiding while I clean

   So much to do and so far behind. Thank you for the well wishes while I was out; they meant so much to me. Now that I'm back on my feet it seems I have some catching up to do. My teens have been very busy trying to fill my shoes, now they have to return to their own busy routine. Here's our Manic Monday list:

1. Winterizing the garden. Goodness! Where else but southeast Texas can you have temperatures in the eighties and the twenties in the same week? Time to set an extra layer of mulch around the cole crops and put the herbs in the greenhouse.

2. Barn maintenance. Messy, messy little beasties. Muck and scrub before the temps plummet tonight.

3. Dog houses. One dog loves blankets, the other hates them. This should be interesting.

4. Pipes. I cover just because I have had them burst before and I don't care to do that again!

5. Drain those hoses- they split even in a slight freeze- very frustrating.

6. Housework- not my favorite. I'd much rather muck the barn and weed the garden, but, sometimes we have to just do the things we don't like.

   I did get a head start over the weekend (after starting to feel much better). The farm boy and I were working pretty hard between errands on Saturday. Jen did pot some of the herbs for the greenhouse before heading off to Leap of Faith. Nik is barn-sitting, so she didn't have and extra hand to lend (busy girl). My husband has been working overtime so much, he needs a good rest- not a to-do list!
   Once we get this big job done, winter farm maintenance will  not so hard- leaving time for the good stuff. I must say, I'm ready to complete a few quilts, sip warm tea, and play games beside the fireplace.
   So, Lord, let me get my chores caught up and then....bring on the chill!


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