Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Road Trip

   Once again, the time came for our monthly trip to the feed co-op. About an hour and a half one way, this trip takes us a good part of a day- so we try to keep it a once a month event. Every time we take the half-day, we try to mix up the persons making the drive. This time the farm boy and I were the ones cleaning the truck, checking the map, and heading out.
   Road trips are a great time to just be with one of our teens. It seems conversation flows freely- no interruptions- and there are no siblings to comment or contradict. Simple, uninterrupted time together is rare and precious. Being the first time he and I make this trip together, I wondered what it would be like. Farm boys are so different than farm girls, aren't they?
   Armed with carefully chosen music, some travel snacks, and some of his school books, we set out on our afternoon adventure. Discussions about the parts of speech melted into favorite tunes and great movies. He shared survivals skills he had been reading about and all important information about hunting; optimal weather patterns, choosing a prime spot, and best shot scenarios. Then there were quiet moments when no words were needed at all.
   Dreams of the future were shared- those things in the heart longing to come to light. Hopes of future jobs and hobbies- what lifestyle he would like to lead...a trip he would love to take one day. Questions were asked about my own experiences hunting, fishing, camping and about my time in the military. Questions he had been wanting to ask, but just hadn't had opportunity for. He asked interesting "what ifs" - What if money was not an issue and you could travel anywhere? What if you could expand your farm? What will you do when you are no longer teaching me?
   As we passed the gate to home, it was bittersweet..our time together, uninterrupted, had come to an end and work had to be done. Truck unloaded, chores done, we made a light dinner before the girls came home. The return of chaos, the teasing and tempting of three teens. Hustle and bustle of stories about the day and the events of work. Life returned to normal- time will pass before we take this trip again,  but we will both remember the quite moments shared on our  road trip.


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