Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Story of My Hair

   People often ask me about my hair, or more specifically, the length of it. Some have assumed my hair is very long due to religious reasons, others are determined there must be a strange and interesting purpose for it. Let me share with you the story of my very long hair.
   I have always had long hair (at least shoulder length). My father was quite partial to long hair on his girls. During my years in military service I managed to keep my hair long (middle of my back) wearing it in a tucked-in french braid every single day. When I married, my husband loved my long hair. Only a few times did I ever branch out to a shorter-than-shoulder-length cut, but it didn't last.
   About thirteen years ago, my mother was diagnosed with advanced lupus, treatment being a mild form of chemotherapy. Concern over her condition also held a concern for hair loss. Our hair colors were similar enough that I decided if she lost her hair, mine would be cut to make a wig for her. At the time, my hair was lower back length. My promise was to not cut my hair- then if she needed it, there would be plenty for the both of us.
   Time passed and the treatments subsided; my mother never lost her hair. I had still not cut mine. My husband became rather attached to the very long hair I was wearing- we decided to keep it. As our tradition has been, my hair is most often seen braided or pinned up on my head..keeping the true length somewhat a mystery. This private thing, special to him alone, has become a sweet secret between the two of us.
   Each time my hair gets well past the sitting-on-it stage, I cut it. Keeping near the mid to lower back length, we share it with programs that make wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy. It seems the time for this is nearing once again.
   I do not find my very long hair inconvenient or hard to manage; it is not heavy. So for the many people who stop me here and there, I have taken the time to share the simple story of my hair.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful long braid, Lady! I'm happy for your lucky husband. My wife has enviable hair as well, and I hope that she never cuts it. (Yeah it was short once, long ago.)