Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sending Birthday Wishes

an iris from her flower bed

   Today we send some special birthday wishes to my mother. Not living nearby, we will not be able to spend this day with we are sending her wishes of joy and happiness on her birthday.
   So, Mom, as you spend this day we challenge you to call to memory some of the wonderful memories we have made over the years:

*sharing lunch together when I worked in office
*sewing together in the afternoons- I cut you stitch
*crocheting with simplyjen and watching me quilt (remember when we finished yours?)
*nrae painting at your kitchen table and the smell of the wood burner as our farm boy made woodland pictures
*hearing the roosters crowing when you stayed with us and seeing chicks grow
*making candy in the kitchen- the year you burned my hand :)
*pulling out that ridiculously big Christmas tree and dressing it up
*build your own taco dinners and home made pizza nights
*shopping at the fabric stores (spending way too much)
* and, of course, those long days together when Dad had the heart attack- we did everything to keep things going
 .....and so many more!

   Next month when she is able to visit we will make up for the time away with dinner and desserts. For now, from far away, "Happy Birthday, Mom (better known as Mimi by the kids)- we wish you happy memories!"

scaife family

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