Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walk With Me Wednesday...

Our day begins:

Glimpse into part of our day....

Faint sounds stir my mind; sunlight is streaming through the curtains; morning has come. Warmth and comfort feed my desire to stay here, wrapped in the security of slumber. My husband gives me a nudge; he knows a day awaits us..a day filled with things that will vie for my attention.
As I coax myself from the toasty covers, feet stinging against the cold wood floor, the creaking overhead tells me the kids have heard it too: calls from the barn- the farm is waking.

Bundled and wrapped we slosh frigidly to the barn as the hungry calls urge us on. Nearing the stalls, familiar scents welcome us: sweet hay mingled with muck and mire. Feed is measured and poured. Hay is thrown into it's trough...the gentle nuzzles of warm noses tickle our cheeks: a gentle thank you for the morning meal. Hens cackle and turkeys gobble, the roosters give their part...their turn now. Wings flutter as grain is poured and their busy scratching begins. The dogs stop barking as the farmboy sets their breakfast out.

Leaving the warmth of the barn we hurry across the wet farmyard to the warmth of the farm kitchen. The bold scent of coffee draws me to the stove as farm kids scatter about to clean up and get ready. Soon the delicious aroma of warm eggs and toasty waffles lures them to the table where steaming plates await them.
Our conversation begins with the "need to's" of the day. Discussions vary from work schedules to gentle reminders of appointments or plans. Our plates empty. The chatter slows. Opening my Bible, our day begins.


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