Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walk With Me Wednesday....

         It is Time to Teach.....

   Our table is cleared, the Bible is set aside for now as we ready ourselves for today's lessons. Calculators and pencils, paper and books- Algebra is top on this list. Set around the big table together we discuss the section each are facing today..gently they are reminded to read over the lessons from a few days past. Dad works with the older and I work with our younger..sometimes all working together we learn from each other. One by one they finish their task moving forward to literature studies..I marvel at how independent they have become over the past few years needing less of my time and more of my support.
   As they trickle to other lessons, I tend to take on the role of tutor or guide. Reviewing their work as it is complete, I bide my time between by picking up the rag rug that is not yet complete. Stitches and rows go round and round as we chatter a bit about Gulliver and the writing process. The project is set at my feet as diagramming comes to the table...quickly we must be, it is nearly time to ready lunch.
   Giggles and teasing take its form as we move back and forth between the refrigerator, the counter, and the table setting everything in place for our noon meal. No talk of classes here, we discuss the day's news and upcoming events making sure to touch base on each other's schedules.
   As my husband heads off to work we gather again for the afternoon lessons. Once again the rug is in my hand as I sit nearby ready to help if needed. One by one they finish their day and begin to trickle off to other things. Recording our activities and grades; putting everything in their place for now; we come to the end of our time to teach.


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