Friday, February 11, 2011

Farm Focus Friday....Family Coming

   My parents are coming into town for my mother's doctor visit. She recently had a birthday and celebrated their anniversary so we plan to gather with them this weekend. With our recent crazy weather, the housekeeping has taken a back seat to winter maintenance and classwork; time to get it done!
   As we gather, we plan to gather in the farm kitchen for a pizza making afternoon-fun, fun! Add a tossed salad and a delicious chocolate cake and we have a yummy home cooked meal. No doubt there will be stories shared of past pizza making events, other gatherings we have had; silly memories from days gone by. It will be a good visit.
   I have alot to do and today it won't be easy; I messed up my hand. Strange how things happen. Feeding my hens, my hand got caught in the metal feed container. All of the knuckles on my right hand are badly scraped up and one finger has swollen considerably. Initially I thought it could be broken, but now it seems it is only a deep bruise and a bad scrape. Needless to say, housekeeping is going to be difficult.
   No time like the present- we need to get things started. I'll gather the teens to assist- before they head off to work- and get the farm ready; family is coming.


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Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh no,sorry about your hand. Did you get an xray on it. Back in June I cut my middle finger on my left hand and severed 70% of the tendon.Needless to say I had hand surgery that night.Still it just will not bend very well.Took me a while before I could get back to sewing.Hope it heals quickly!!Have fun at your pizza family party,sounds like a good day =)