Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Farmgirl Bakes a Cake

   Our farmgirl took on the task of making a cake for my parents' recent visit. Not just any cake, mind you, it had to be different from all the other cakes we have shared over the years. Pondering a wandering she posed the question- what is their favorite treat? Well, they always loved Oreo cookies. Seems we recall those cookies were always on hand at their house..so.
   With careful planning and skill, simplyjen devised a plan. Using her favorite recipe for a dark chocolate two layer cake, a cream cheese filling to which she stirred in crushed Oreos, and a buttery cream cheese frosting- a cake was created. To give it outer decor, she topped the cake with crushed cookies and a few whole ones.
    Not only was her cake beautiful, it was delicious! Moist and tender inside, the creamy cookies filling added a neat favor and texture. The outer frosting was creamy and sweet with cookie sprinkles giving it appearance and taste.
   All we can say is- way to go girl! Oh, the yummy happenings when a farmgirl bakes a cake.


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