Monday, February 28, 2011

The Simple Quilt for My SimplyJen

"Jenbug's Ladybugs"

   Of the many quilts I have made, few of them still grace my home. One precious quilt still within our walls is delightfully called "Jenbug's Ladybugs". We all know every quilt has a story, and this one certainly has one all its own.
   This teen inherited my love of fabrics. She sees the rows of color and print; her heart starts racing; her mind begins to swirl with patterns and plans- ideas and action. This quilt was born in such a flurry. Designed by Simplyjen, herself, with particular attention to the way the quilt should drape her bed (farther down the sides and foot than traditional quilts).
   Starting with the ladybug print (in her very favorite colors), she carefully measured simple boarders to size and pieced them log cabin style. She did the figuring, cutting and piecing on her own-being sure it fit the bed just right. When it came time for putting the top, bat, and back together the whole group pitched in.
   The living room floor in front of the fireplace was swept clean as the backing, batting and top were carefully placed together and pin basted by all the farmkids and myself. As we worked and smoothed the pieces, pinned and basted every few inches..the chatter drifted to quilts gone by; ones we loved and gave lovingly. Basting is a long and often tedious task, but none of the teens wanted to do the quilting.
   It was decided that the quilt would be done by me; but with the machine- not by hand. She designed the quilting layout: wandering stipples all around the ladybug panel with straight lined quilting on the outer boarders. So it began.
   Two days glued to the machine produced a beautiful result: a quilt made to her specifications. The stippling made the ladybugs look as if they were scurrying about a grassy lawn and the boarders echoed a nice frame for the busy scene. Bound in the front-to-back fashion, the quilt was washed and dried- a perfect fit for her bed.
   There you have it...Simplyjen and her unique, one of a kind, all her own design quilt.


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