Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Walk With Me Wednesday....As Darkness Falls

   As darkness falls on our little farmstead, dishes are washed in the old kitchen sink. The teens are chatting as food is put away and the big farm table is scrubbed clean. Getting the coffee pot set for morning, a farm girl puts the kettle on for some warm peppermint tea.
   We all settle into our comfy spots around the warm, cozy fireplace. One the farm girls, with books in hand, are reviewing their assignments for tomorrow's classes as the farm boy shares tidbits from his current  reading selection- a new book about survival skills. My hands find their way to the quilt- not yet finished. The needle swishes through the layers of fabric while quiet falls over us.
   Embers glow and sparks crackle bringing warmth and calm to our senses. Farm papa calls to tell us goodnight; he will work long into the wee hours. After our call ends, the oldest farm girl picks up our evening devotional reading. Sitting nearest the light- soft and dim- she reads calm and steady of our Lord's call to service. Moments of discussion lend to goodnight hugs- extra blankets are carried up the stairs to ensure warmth during the long cold night.
   Alone I sit with only my thoughts; the wind howls at the window; the fire crackles in its place. Quiet contemplation: of today's events, of conversations we had, of the stirring devotion we read. My hands fall still, my heart at peace as darkness falls on the farm.


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