Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walk With Me Wednesday.....As the Sun Fades

   Hadassah and I return from our chilly afternoon walk; damp and cold, the walk has done us good. She heads to her warm shelter after a romp with Patch- his arthritis kept him in today. Not in the mood for her antics, he sulks off to curl up under the tree finding the driest patch of ground left in the yard.
   Gazing across the farm yard I am grateful for all the work we accomplished before the winter storm came yesterday. Clean stalls give warmth and comfort to the chilled livestock. Roosters crow drawing my attention to the coop; lack of sunlight today means we let them free range early. They rush the gate with eager anticipation; they flutter their wings and ruffle their feathers cackling and calling to one another.
   On my way back to the house, a ruckus in the turkey house catches my attention. Stepping into their warm pen, it is clear they are fine- attention is what they are craving. Eyeing each other, they gobble and cluck as I walk on toward the house.
   Hand work and homework keep hands and minds busy on this cold afternoon. Gentle chatter about dinner plans and how cold our toes are randomly breaks the quiet. Hearty vegetable and beef soup is decided upon; maybe some biscuits, too. One by one we make our way to the kitchen to chat and chop over supper preparations.
   As the sun starts to dip in the sky and supper settles into a simmer, jackets and boots are gathered. Opening the door our barnyard erupts in a chorus of sounds; a braying donkey, bleating goats, hens and their roosters call as turkeys gobble over the barking of hungry dogs. Evening chores are done in the cold grey as the sun fades.


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