Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walk With Me Wednesday.....Through Signs of Spring

   Leaves crunching beneath my garden clogs as I walk the pathway between the rows. Overhead a woodpecker hammers the old pine nearby. The swoosh of hoe and trowel stir the soil filling my senses with the hearty fragrance of earth. Breathing deep from cultivating the empty rows, I stand to stretch as a bright butterfly flutters past me. Here I work through signs of spring.
   Thirsty from my labors, I stroll by the pen and tussle Hadassah's ears; Patch is sunning on a blanket of new grass. My eyes fall on newly opened daffodils near the shoots of green that will be daylillies before long. Seeing this pretty little sight, I wander on to the tea garden to finds hyacinths in purples and pinks poking through the heavy mulch covering on their beds. Here I stroll through signs of spring.
   Refreshed by cool well water, I yield to Hadassah's plea and gather the leash in my hand. Her excitement builds as we head through the gate briskly walking; nose held high, tail wagging. A hearty breeze brushes over us as we pass swaying trees budding out in green. Neighboring pastures are swaying like wind on the sea and geese are waddling through the marshy bank of the little pond. Hadassah urges me hurry- there is so much to see, so many scents to sniff, so many signs of spring.
   Back home the family heads to the barn where waiting livestock anxiously waits for evening meals. Fresh earthy fragrances tickle our noses as beasts munch on grain and fodder. Running our hands over their coats loose hair flies free- another sign of spring.
   Garden tools are stored away; the barn is closed and the greenhouse closed for the night. As we head to the house for the evening meal, our conversations turn to the events of the day--to all the signs of spring.


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