Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrating Him.....

Happy Birthday Farm Daddy

   Today I celebrate him; the one who gets through every day with me. The one who balances me and keeps me on track; who knows me better than anyone would want to and loves me still.
   The first time we shared your birthday together, we had lunch with my family after church; I didn't even know it was your birthday- do you remember? Those early awkward days when we were still getting to know each other? Even then it wasn't about gifts or gathering- it was about being together; it is still.
   I have made so many lasagnas and chocolate cakes (all your faves) and gifts have come and gone, but it is still about being together. We share our home, our teens, our funny quirks and our families- all the things in this life and still we choose to be together on this special day.
   My prayers are for you daily; grace and guidance on this journey. We have come so far and yet have so far to to. I am ever thankful that once again it is my privilege to say with love and earnest joy, "Happy Birthday!"

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