Monday, March 21, 2011

Dancing Stars and Prancing Ponies...

In a rummage through a remnant bin at the local fabric store, my eyes fell upon a panel that just spoke to me. Prancing ponies in paddocks with rough wood rails graced the fabric; bits and bridles lined the sashing. It was perfect! The question is perfect for what?

Taking it home that afternoon, the farm girls gave it a think- our simplynik just knew it was to be hers..but how? With a little creative help from simplyjen a quilt was drafted and drawn.

Using the same basic design we had for the ladybug print quilt (previously showcased); the horse panel would be encased in cream muslin, and outlined in simplynik's favorite fabric- denim. 
The meandering quilting design was another matter. We needed to make a basic plan (because machine quilting was still new to me) yet a it needed to stand out from my standard stipple.
After several doodles and drawings we all jumped when a meandering star pattern found its way to our pen. Once I got it mastered on a  sample piece, it was voted on for the big bed quilt.

And so the quilt Dancing Stars and Prancing Ponies came to be; a treasure for our oldest farm girl- the one who lives with horses. Unique and special, just like her...the quilt displays her loves and passions; some memories of farm girl life.
 The dancing stars stand to remind us of warm summer evenings when we sit on the old porch swing together watching as the sun sets and the stars find there way into the night sky; of many campfires with marshmallows and farm boy's guitar; of late night hikes on camping trips looking for constellations in the big sky.
Prancing ponies bring to mind all the wonderful horses that have come and gone, and are still to come, in this farmgirl's life. The crazy colt she showed at the county fair and the old pony who was his partner. A wild and crazy horse who had to go because he was dangerous. The ones she cleans up after and the ones she feeds each evening---the one who didn't stay long because a bizarre accident claimed his life.
And finally, those bits and bridles bring to mind the many sessions training many horses, many riders, and even herself. The times she fell; the times she was bucked; and the times she shined- and let others shine instead.
A quilt of memories made by all of us- together in love and laughter to remember always.

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