Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Farmboy Shares ......

   Joining me today, our farmboy..and he has written today's post. Desiring the skills of self defense as well as structured discipline with strong mentors he began mixed martial art classes when the new year began. Training in the art of Muay Thai (one part of the mixed martial arts program) has become a passionate pursuit- and he has decided to share a little background on this sport with you. 

     Muay Thai is a martial art which uses the hands, feet, knees, and elbows; originating in Thailand and was used as a military combat; it was later used in ring fights. Before the 1930’s Muay Thai fighters used “rope wrappings” for their hands and a pillow for protective gear. A seashell was then used for a cup because it was legal to hit the groin, however after the police investigated the sport in the 1930’s, they banned the “rope wrappings” and also banned hitting in the groin. Now Muay Thai is a national sport that teaches self defense, national and international ring fighting, and self control. I enjoy Muay Thai for its exercise, the joy of sparring, and help encouraging the smaller children when they come. To me Muay Thai is a fun sport which allows me to have fun and learn new things which I can share with my friends and family.


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