Thursday, March 10, 2011

One More Project Off the Table

Some snappy pj's...
   After several days of cut and "paste" the five pair of pajama bottoms are finally off the sewing table. Now, typically pj bottoms are quick and done in a matter of minutes. This particular version caused a little time and creativity.
   Using two different patterns, these pj's are roomy yet well fitting. A drawstring waist allows for teen shape changes and comfy lounging, while the standard pattern gave the length and width in all the right areas. Fitting both the boys and girls in the family this pattern is a keeper.
..with a neat drawstring waist.
   There you have it..the reason I needed to figure out the button hole setting. This drawstring fits perfectly through a standard button hole reinforced with medium weight facing. The drawstring itself has elastic in the back with cotton "string" giving a nice flexible fit.
   With the table clear for now, time for a new project. Time to peak over the patterns and ponder the fabric stash for the next great sewing table topping....or maybe a new quilt..or totes, or even a fresh sewing machine cover for the new machine...or....


Anonymous said...

Great job! I love comfy pj's!


Simply Scaife Family said...

I must admit there is just not a better end to the day than soft, comfy pj's and a good snuggle.