Friday, March 18, 2011

Soaking up Spring...

   In a nearby portion of our state forest, our family strolled the trails to soak up some spring. Our native pines created a beautiful canopy over the trails still covered with the crunch of fall's leaves. Overhead the treetops were filled with the chattering of squirrels and the call of colorful birds.

    A favorite sight from this particular trail, the swinging bridge. Located among the lob lollies directly over a shallow creek bed, this bridge was a huge hit with our farm boy (who teased me immensely as we crossed over it).

    Beautifully arched over the path, a hawthorn berry gave us a spark of red color in its new berries. Who could resist such a picture? We marveled at the amazing bend of the little tree over the footbridge as we crossed over.

   Delicate blossoms from the dogwoods floated over the sides of the shallow creek; a soft pillow of white among leaves of bright green. Several such visions were spied on the trail...dainty and sweet; such unusual beauty.

   Our walk came to an end as the responsibilities of life called us back. The stroll along the trail gave us a break from the demands of our day; the burdens of work and worry. Sometimes you just have to step away from it all and spend a little time soaking up spring.


Mrs. Farmer said...

Very nice. Sign me up!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you--I'd love to take you with me.