Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday...Trying a New Frame

My dear husband bought me a new quilt frame this past Christmas- and I had not tried it out yet. The frame is a Flynn quilt frame made of light weight polls covered with muslin leader strips and end locks with adjustable knobs.

Intended to be used without prior basting, this frame has different polls for each layer of the quilt. Tension is kept by rolling the polls and tightening them on the side.

Useful for either hand or machine quilting, the vote came in for a machine quilted project. The vote was also in for a 'boy quilt'- John Deer print please. With such a demanding fan club (my family), the frame was loaded with a traditional John Deer 'father and son' fabric top and a John Deer logo backing.
The frame is loaded, the machine is threaded and the bobbins are loaded; the trick now is finding time to sit at the machine and actually get some quilting done!

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