Friday, March 4, 2011

Working out the Weeds

   Every afternoon this week the farm kids and I have spent our time bent over the rows. With hoes in hand we are preparing the soil for spring planting. There is so much left to do.
   Gathering a bucket nearby, clumps of weeds and waste are hauled away from the garden space to make room for productive plants. These "greens" serve there purpose in the hen's yard providing nutrients for my sweet laying flock.
   It's achy and frustrating work weeding the garden; but no less than weeding the unproductive "weeds" in my life. I spend a lot of time pondering in the garden plots and today my heart wanders over to the unproductive "weeds" that have sprung up in my daily life.
   Being honest with ourselves is the first step in recognizing these undesirable plants. They leech vital nutrients from the soil and starve out the productive work in our live. As I fill the bucket with garden weeds, I made a list of personal "weeds".

*media; TV, Internet, magazines, papers, books, etc.
*social outlets; phone, text, Internet, email
*driving; wasted trips, unplanned shopping, unnecessary errands
*lack of routine; just plain not knowing what needs done and doing it
*poor stewardship; in diet, in activity, in time...huge energy drainers

   Not an exhaustive list by far, but a good start. For me the time in the garden was not only spent working the soil for my plants, but working the soil in my heart; my mind; my soul. Reflecting on these things gave me perspective of the countless ways to improve my daily activity. This does not mean I shut the door on all things on the list never to open it again; good grief. It means to use them wisely and make them count. Conversations that run too long often lead to gossip; too much media can lead to depression or discontent. The price of gas forces me to reconsider our trips here and there consolidating as much as possible. Being a good steward is respectful to my Lord and my husband who have graciously blessed me with the privilege of being at home, teaching our kids and maintaining our little farm.
   With one garden field clean and ready we must move on to the next; weeding is a never ending process- both in the garden and in our hearts. What are you weeding out this week?


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