Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Lesson In Life

   Weeding in the garden; the day is warm and muggy- sun is high over my head as my hands sort between the young vegetable plants and the weeds threatening to choke them out. It has been a long day already- a stress-filled morning of teaching, preparing, sorting out mind wanders over the "things" pulling at my time. The ring of my phone jars my thoughts; the name on the caller ID causes my heart to flutter a bit before I answer.
   A teen driver can be a scary thing; even scarier is her call only moments after she has left the house. Broken down not far from home- her call for help.She was fortunate to be near the gas station; she and I pushed the truck to safety before assessing the possibilities. Teachable moments abound in times like these.
   Discussing the 'symptoms' led me to explain my thought was the battery; reasons were shared and other symptoms given to rule out other possibilities (she's a smart gal, and - wow- she does listen). Help arrived to guide us as we gathered the tools needed for the repair---big thanks to my grandfather, who graciously showed us girls how it's done!
   Disheartened, she called her boss to inform her the situation realizing she wouldn't make it in today. There will be days like this. I remind her, it happens to us, her boss, her friends and professors have days like these...and ...we are blessed. Quizzical expressions from her face led me to explain.

We are blessed in this because:
-it didn't happen in a dangerous place (the freeway, an overpass, rough area)
-the stall out didn't cause an accident; no one was hurt
-she recognized the trouble and sought help before it became a bigger problem
-we had help available and readily willing (not everyone does)
-the problem was simple, inexpensive, and easy to repair

   After the truck was repaired, time had passed for her to reasonably make it to work; saddened by that, she made her way home reminding herself of these many blessings we discussed (maybe finding a few more of her own). We settled down on the couch under the big ceiling fan with a cold class of tea- pondering the things that make up life; the growing up things one must start to face; the responsibilities that develop with maturing.
   In the end we are grateful for the 'stuff'; the lessons that make up life- ever preparing us for the road ahead. Here we are reminded of things that make us stronger (or stranger), things that make us think (reflect, maybe), things that make us appreciate another lesson in life.

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