Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another New Item In the Shop

Ann and Andy's Raggety Redwork Week

   Raggedy Ann was my beloved friend and confidant when I was a little girl. Her button eyes and soft worn clothes were just right for snuggling in the dark or toting along in imaginative play. My Raggedy Ann remains part of my life; tucked sweetly in my cedar chest.
   My heart strings were tugged when I found the  pattern for Ann's days of the week in embroidery; I just had to do them! Each panel shows her little rag doll hands busy at work with the same activities found in my very own daily life.

Ann and Andy's Raggety Redwork Week

   Each panel traveled with me through different parts of my life. Some went to 4-H meetings and college sitting areas. Others made long car trips to other towns to attend appointments and activities- a few sat in waiting rooms with family members needing an extra hand.
   We invite you to stop by the shop and visit all the lovely handmade items for sale - each holding precious memories of the time they were made. As always, comments and questions are welcome when shared in kindness. When my jury service is up, we are considering a spring sale in our little Etsy shop to celebrate the season...what do you think?

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