Saturday, April 16, 2011

Greenbeans in the Garden...

   Rising this morning, pressure in my sinus has put me in slow motion. The morning cup of coffee became two; I lingered in the rocking chair a bit longer than usual. Gathering my flailing ambition, my feet make their way to the garden beds to check the progress of all the growing things.
   Almost overnight it seems the green things take growth and just pop up out of no where. The little green bean shoots are stretching toward the sky, growing stronger and taller every day. It is a struggle to keep the garden growing right now- drought has come early this year. There have been no spring showers here to wake the spring flowers from their winter slumber. Yet, there are green beans in the garden.
   Little signs all about; plants growing in spite of the conditions. Its hope- a promise of provision- things will be okay. Sometimes we just need to see things like this; I do. Chaos and drought are part of every life; both in the physical sense and in the emotional and spiritual sense. When these times come for me, there they are; green beans in the garden.
   The haze that has taken over our area (ash from wildfires devastating vast areas of Texas) shorten my time here- the garden where I spend so much time. Inside my family asks me how the garden is doing; my response- well, there are green beans in the garden.

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