Monday, April 11, 2011

Poultry Showin' At the Fair

We kicked up our heals...

wrangled some pretty big turkeys...

flipped a few broilers..

..spent a lot of time practicing our patience...

and socializing with other poultry exhibitors.

Humidity, heat and the earthy aroma of livestock made our poultry show day long and hot. We had one of our three turkeys die of heat stroke in line- that was frustrating! The broiler pens held their place in the top twenty-eight (surviving until the last sift). None of our pens made it to auction, but we did place better in show than we placed last year. None of the turkeys placed either, and being our first turkey pen year, I think we learned a whole lot about this  project.
A hearty congratulations to all the exhibitors in this weekend's show; great job everyone.
Now we start planning for next year!

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