Friday, May 6, 2011

In the Midst of a Drought

   Dust swirls with every wisp of wind as dry heat sparks random wild fires in our midst. The grass and ground crunch beneath my feet as I make my way to the garden plots. Drought plagues the land here in the south.
   Many plants have stunted and others have withered entirely despite our efforts to keep them watered and mulched. Those that remain struggle to produce in this extreme weather. One small bowl of green beans and a few tiny tomatoes were harvested today; lettuce has already turned bitter and started to bolt. The corn stalks are still growing, yet experience says it will most likely blight once the ears arrive.
   Effect of drought on the land reach far and wide- already our pastures are dry and becoming bare. Such little foliage will force us to rely on hay, which will no doubt be pricy this year. Feed bills will go up along with the price of produce.
   Nevertheless, my God is bigger- I remind myself. He knows the needs and the plans He has for us; He will provide. Today I pant micro greens in the house to make up for the outdoor garden troubles. We are well stocked with meat from the spring butchering and a nice store of eggs grows daily. Does are giving plenty of milk- some is frozen in case they drop yield early. Already delicious cheeses are aging, soon to be waxed for safe keeping. Yes, He has a plan- and He is providing, even in the midst of a drought.

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