Monday, May 9, 2011

A Quilt by Simplynik...


   Sewing is not "her thing", yet, when the mood strikes her she is amazing. Those well honed artistic abilities translate into fabric beautifully, creating a charming and graceful treasure. Made for my mother only a few years ago, this pretty quilt was a step outside a comfort zone for our artsy farm girl.

   Delicate teacups are skillfully embroidered on soft white muslin fabric beautifully pair with soft rose motifs. The outer frame has dancing forget-me-nots and a crisp white edge. Machine pieced and quilted in simple in the ditch patterns give the soft quilt simplicity and style.

   Before my parents moved from our area this quilt was hung in the hallway of their home. When they moved away the pretty tea cups returned to our home, now residing in a farm girl's hope chest. Now a graduating senior, this pretty quilt may one day grace the walls of her own home reminding her of simple days; of hearth and home; of a pretty simplynik.


Elisabeth said...

What a lovely quilt, one that your daughter should be proud of.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you so much- I am sure proud of it. She did such a wonderful job. Thanks again.