Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Quilt Complete

   Little hands print flowers and leaves...bunnies and eggs frolic as they please. This little quilt was designed by our oldest farm girl; a memory quilt for a precious little one. Every aspect of the quilt hold a key to pieces of their time together. Little brown bunnies for bedtime stories told and retold and shared once more. Holiday activities are represented by eggs all colorful and tucked here and there. 

    Bright colored flowers - sidewalk chalk pictures from a long afternoon; houses and flowers and hopscotch, too. The blue/white sashes for late sunny days when we played at the park and stared at the blue sky- all the clouds look like animals and silly things overhead. Bits and pieces of memories made together- good times and rough times...victories and tears; a treasure to hold close all through the years.

   This little quilt left our home today making it's place in a family's beautiful home. Designed by simplynik, pieced and hand quilted my simplychele...with simplyjen's and farmboy's added cooperation.

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